The NSW Police Distance Running Club

President: Vacant.

Secretary: Vacant.

Treasurer: Vacant.

The NSW Police Distance Running Club is seeking avid runners to continue the proud 40+ year old tradition.

The Club seeks to fulfil three positions – President, Secretary and Treasurer for the 2018 year.

Relevant paperwork is already prepared, enabling the new Executive a smooth transition and affiliation with the NSW Police Council of Sport.

The NSW Police Distance Running Club previously have conducted their own running meets, have organised the running events in the NSW Police (& Emergency Services) Games and have competed successfully at international, national and state police sporting events, including the World Police & Fire Games and the Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games.

If you are an avid runner and/or have work colleagues who would like to continue this proud history of the NSW Police Distance Running Club, please email Penni Wallington on or call 0418.394.998.

Yours in Sport.