The NSW Police Netball Club Committee:

President: Sergeant Amanda Fletcher,

Secretary: Senior Constable Taryn Williams,

Treasurer: Senior Constable Melissa Cooper,

NSW Netball:

The NSW Police Netball Club was established in the early 1980’s.

The NSW Police Netball Club aims to give NSW police employees interested in playing netball the opportunity to play in teams which are entered into events such as the NSW Police Games (biennially in either March or October), Australasian Police and Emergency Games (held biennially) and the World Police and Fire Games (held biennially). We encouraged teams from all Emergency Services including Police, Ambulance, Fire, Corrective Services and Custom Teams.

The club encourages people of all levels to get involved in either Women’s or Mixed teams, which have allowed members to compete in every police and emergency services competition held over the last 30+ years.

In recent times NSW Police Netball Club has competed in Australasian Police and Emergency Games events in Adelaide, Coffs Harbour, Tasmania, Wellington (NZ), Melbourne, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Mandurah WA and will contest the 2023 AP&ES Games in Rotorua NZ –

The NSW Police Netball Club enters competitive teams in what can be a tough competition however this is always combined with a strong social side. We accommodate all levels of skill, from elite players to those who only play to be social. Everyone is welcome.

In 2018 the Netball Club took 4 teams across to Western Australia to participate in the Australasian Police and Emergency Services (AP&ES) Games. We want to continue this and have as many teams as possible to all our events. 2023 will see the first AP&ES Games since COVID struck.

Next year, the club will travel to Rotorua, NZ for the Australasian Police and Emergency Games in March. The NSW Police Netball Club has applied for funding from the NSW PCoS for our members to attend this event.

The NSW Police Netball Club also hosts the netball event at the NSW Police (& Emergency Services) Games. The next Games being held in October this year in Wollongong. Please visit the official NSW Police Games website (link located on this website or click here – to register a team in the netball tournament.

Our Membership continues to grow slowly each year and we are always looking for new enthusiastic players and committee members to join our Club. You must be a member of the club and PCOS to be eligible for a grant at the AP&ES Games.

Please get in contact if you want to join or be involved in any way.