The NSW Police Netball Club Committee:

President: Roslyn Keys,

Secretary: Linda Baumgartner,

Treasurer: Rebecca Hilton,

Co-ordinator: Amanda Fletcher,

NSW Netball:

The NSW Police Netball Club was established in the early 1980’s.   We held a weekly competition between Local Police Stations from around the Sydney Metropolitan area.  After each weekly game both teams would meet at a nominated local establishment where we would celebrate, commiserate or discuss whatever was relevant to us at that time.  This social interaction provided support and a great network for the Police Women of that time.

Netball has been represented at the NSW Police Games from the very early inception of the games. Originally the NSW Police Games were held annually over a weekend at the Narrabeen Sports Centre (both Country and Metropolitan Police Stations were represented) with up to 30 netball teams competing for Medals. We encouraged teams from all Emergency Services including Police, Ambulance, Fires, Corrective Services and Custom Teams.

The Australian New Zealand Police & Emergency Services Games were originally held every 2 years and the Netball Club supported and fund raised to send Representative Teams to these games.  NSW Police were very successful and on many occasions were Gold medallists.

The Australian New Zealand Police & Emergency Services (ANZPES) Games, were renamed to be the Australian Police & Emergency Services Games  (AP & ES Games) and are still held bi annually across New Zealand and Australia.  The NSW Police Netball Club select both Competitive and Social Teams to represent the NSW Police Netball Club and have been very successful both on and off the court.

At the Coffs Harbour AP&ES Games, NSW represented in the Mixed Netball Competition and we were fortunate to have the support of one of our Deputy Commissioners to make up our numbers for the mixed team.  Thanks to the tenacity and sportsmanship of the Deputy we were successful in attaining the Bronze Medal.

The NSW Police Netball Club continue to encourage and support representative teams for these games.

Our Membership continues to grow slowly each year and we are always looking for new enthusiastic players and committee members to join our Club.

Who can join?

Membership is not restricted and is open to all.

What is the membership fee?

Membership fee is initially $20.00, followed by an annual fee of $5.00.

Do you have regular activities/competitions/training?

The NSW Police Games are held each alternate year (2017, 2019, 2021 etc.) and the Australian Police & Emergency Services Games are held the alternate year (2022 Rotarua, NZ)

If the girls are willing to train we will provide support and equipment to facilitate training.