Police sport

Police Area Command/Police District Commanders and their equivalent have been delegated the authority to grant on duty status using the following guidelines.

For the:

  • Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games
  • World Police & Fire Games

a maximum three days on duty status is allowable in any calendar year. One of the days (or part thereof) is to be used for the opening ceremony and the other days are limited to those days or parts thereof when the officer is involved in competition.

Commanders (or equivalent) may grant one day of on-duty status to permit police to compete in multi-disciplined or single disciplined sporting event at national or international level (e.g. Australian Police Ski Championships), including national team selections and competitions.

Should an officer sustain an injury whilst participating in a sporting event sanctioned by the NSWPF, whether on approved leave or not, the injury is likely to be compensable. The investigation of Worker’s Compensation benefits will be conducted by the contract insurer, under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.

Police Area Command/Police District Commander (equivalent)

Your approval must be in writing, be given before the event and identify the day, days or parts thereof for which on duty status has been granted. File a copy at your command.

An officer granted on duty status (who has used leave to attend the sporting event) is to be re-credited leave at the rate of 7.6 hours per on duty status day.

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