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NSW Police Swimming Club Inc

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President: Gary Ballard –

Vice President: Danny White

Secretary: Crime Scene Officer (FSG Major Crime Analysis Fingerprints) Toni Fuller –, EN: 27862, Phone (w): 02 8835.7862.

Treasurer: Leading Senior Constable (Sydney Water Police)Graham Hill –, EN: 57499, Phone (w): 02 9320.7499.


Patrons: Bob Day & John Scott (Elected 2013/2014)

Captain: Graham Hill

Council of Sport Delegates: John Scott and Toni Fuller.

Club Membership Fee:

$10.00 per person per annum.

ALL FEES MUST BE PAID FOR BY COB FRIDAY 1 NOVEMBER 2013.  You can either send Graham HILL a cheque (paid to “NSW Police Swimming Club”) and he’ll deposit it into our club account for you.  Postal address:  Leading S/C Graham HILL, Sydney Water Police, 4 Jubilee Place, BALMAIN NSW 2041.

Alternatively, and preferred, you can direct transfer your fees into our club account.  If you do this, PLEASE put a little “narrative” such as “TWIGG 13-14 fees” so we know who has paid and who has not. Further, please send Hilly an email to say what time/date you paid so he can double check. Bank details as follows:

Financial Institution:  Police Bank
Account Name:  NSW Police Swimming Club
Account type:  S1
BSB: 815 000
Account number:  22150

Council of Sport Grant Application for the 2013/2014 Year

Those present at the meeting unanimously voted that we submit a grant application for the APES Games, which will be held in/around Melbourne, Victoria, 19-26 April 2014.  IF YOU  HAVE NOT PAID YOUR FEES BY COB FRIDAY 1 NOVEMBER 2013, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A SHARE OF THE GRANT – END OF STORY. No ifs or buts about it.  If you know someone who is away or for any reason cannot pay their fees on time and you trust them enough to pay you back, then spot them and let me know via email that you’ve paid more than your fees.  Further, you cannot claim part of the grant if you are not a member of the Council of Sport.

In Memory: Robert John ROLFE

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